Gauravam: when his pride took a fall…

Plot: A veteran lawyer, who has never lost a case in court, is at the brink of failure for the first ever time. Icing on the cake, he might lose to his own nephew, whom he brought up like a son.

He is intelligent. Confident. And a little too full of himself to recognize justice. A war between good and bad does not interest him any longer. But rather a war between himself and anybody that dared go against him. With an intense plot, Gauravam is sure to satisfy anyone who enjoys good acting and and a dramatic script.

P.S: Watch the movie and you’d be humming “Neeyum Naanuma Kanna” for a while after 😉

  About the movie

Direction: Vietnam Veedu Sundaram (1973)
Music: M.S.Viswanathan
Lyricist: Kannadasan


Shivaji Ganesan: Dual role: Old Sivaji, Rajnikanth;Young Sivaji: Kannan
Major Sundarrajan: As Mohandass

The movie at a glance
Veteran criminal lawyer Rajnikanth is upset. He has been awaiting the moment he would be made Chief Justice – his records clearly make him the most eligible and obvious choice. But he learns that someone else, younger than him by years and experience, has been picked for his dream post. His pride is hurt.

 At this point he also learns of an open and shut homicide case. In an attempt to prove his skills as a criminal lawyer and show them all that he is undefeatable, he takes on this case and decides to defend the accused (Mohandass). And he succeeds – something that was thought as impossible. So Mohandass, who did commit the crime, is let off on grounds that it was not possible to prove that he was guilty beyond reasonable doubt.

 A few days later, Mohandass gets caught up in another similar homicide case.  This time, he did NOT commit the crime. But all facts point to him and he rushes to Rajnikanth for help. He insists that he did not commit the crime. Rajnikanth agrees to appear in court on behalf of him and announces his decision.

 Fellow lawyers are afraid that the murderer might be let free once again. They are fully aware of Rajnikanth’s motive behind defending the man – not money, not justice, but pride and ego. To him, this was all a game in which he cannot be defeated. In an attempt to bring him to his senses, they request Kannan, Rajnikanth’s nephew to appear in court as the Public prosecutor. Next to Rajnikanth, Kanna, as he is fondly called, is their best shot. He initially hesitates to go up against his own uncle whom he respects greatly, but on the insistence of fellow lawyers and to ensure justice, he yields to their request.

 What happens in court when the younger lawyer goes against the veteran Rajnikanth, is the rest of the movie – the real drama!
1. “Neeyum Naanuma Kanna” is a dramatic song whose visuals fantastically portray Rajnikanth’s fear of and hatred for failure. Occasional comparisons to the Mahabharatha also add drama.“Paalooti valartha kili” is an equally great song that artistically conveys the delicate situation which both uncle and nephew are emotionally caught up in.

2. “Never!” – How Sivaji Ganesan completely becomes the character Rajnikanth is simply mindblowing. You’ll never forget the way he says “Never!”. Please watch the movie to understand better.

3. The climax is another highlight (Judgment day as he calls it) -There is a scene in which the older Sivaji questions his wife about the court’s verdict. She talks – he only gestures. He does not say a word – but my God what an exchange. Classic. Actually dramatic 😛

“THE” shot from the movie
Kannan wants to wear his uncle’s old suit to court on his first day. It’s like a lucky charm thing. As he gets into an emotional exchange with his aunt, they fail to notice the elder Sivaji posted at the head of a flight of stairs, smoking a cigar. Classic.

Clearly, “the” shot from the movie, according to me. (This particular image on the left does not do justice to the actual shot in the movie, yes.) Do watch the movie to know what I mean. The veteran lawyer behind a cloud of smoke watching his wife and nephew from afar; there is abrupt silence when he enters the frame. This single shot portrays Rajnikanth’s authority and pride, right from the place he is positioned and his posture – and the complete silence during this shot.

Bottomline: An intense plot with an equally intense acting by Sivaji Ganesan as proud lawyer Rajnikanth, Gowravam is a must-watch, a landmark as they say, in the history of Tamil Cinema


4 thoughts on “Gauravam: when his pride took a fall…

  1. Viju says:

    Great writing de.. 🙂


  2. Sabitha Karuppiah says:

    hey loved the review.. I’ve seen the movie.. This review makes me want to watch it again…


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