When Modesty borders on Hypocrisy

Have you watched award ceremonies down here? Be it the film industry down south, a reality show or the local school Annual day, one thing is common. The poor jury is made to look like a panel of fools.

Here is why.
Most of the time, the first thing that the recipient of the award says is, “Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would receive this award! This is completely unexpected.” Some even go to the extent of saying that they had “no clue how the judges picked him” of all people.

Now does he even realize that saying that would insult their judgment? The jury analyzes everyone’s performance and based on a set of criteria, selects the best of the lot. And in just one second the winner crushes all this by expressing surprise over his own victory.

For all what you know, he would not have slept one bit the previous night. The award would have filled his “wildest” dreams – if at all he had managed to sleep. He would have prayed every God known to man (or should I say created by man- this one is always a mystery). Anyways, he would have prayed he should receive the award.

And just moments before his name was announced, he would have been a nervous wreck, palms sweaty and heart racing a million miles per second. But when his name does get announced, lo and behold, our hero goes on to say how unexpected all this was. Very “modest”.

I mean why be a hypocrite?
Until a few years back, I grew up thinking the same way too. That to be modest you have to tell others that you never expected this particular honor – say marks or a certificate or a prize.

But later I realized that I could not have been more wrong. I was being a hypocrite, not modest. As a matter of fact, by saying I never expected an award, I was performing an injustice to the judges. Irony, eh?

What‘s worse, some parents say this too. “I never thought my son would get the first rank”. They are performing a sin by admitting in front of others that they did not have confidence in their son.

Are we teaching our children hypocrisy in the name of modesty? What is wrong with saying something like “I was confident that I would receive this award. I wanted it. I worked for it. Thanks for acknowledging my efforts and giving me what I deserve”. What is wrong with admitting that you know your worth?

There is a way to be modest. Being modest is not wrong, but lying is wrong.
The next time a person on TV says “I never expected to receive this award” I wish someone from the jury would go snatch it from his hands and camera would zoom in on his face.


2 thoughts on “When Modesty borders on Hypocrisy

  1. Sabitha Karuppiah says:

    This is one of my most favorite articles of yours 🙂 a lovely one!


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