What’s your name again?

Hi. I am Vaagdevi.
No. Not Bhargavi. Vaag-devi.

I know you can read, but this is typically what happens when I introduce myself to someone either over the phone or face-to-face. Not many know of it and they always ask me what it means. Fair enough. It’s an alternative name for the Hindu Goddess Saraswathi. Try googling Vaagdevi Institute of Biotechnology or something and you’ll get results. My Dad named me and I am proud of it, period. However, it’s very interesting to hear different versions of it. 😉

Back in school, teachers call out names from the students’ register to mark the day’s attendance. The whole chore has a steady rhythm to it – a neat flow (Gowri.Present Ma’am… Uma. Present Ma’am. Saranya. Present ma’am) until they make a brief pause. They look closer at the name. Vaagdevi.R. “Maybe there is a spelling mistake?” they wonder. When they squint their eyes to look closer – that’s my cue! Then I rescue them saying “Uh, “Vaagdevi”, present ma’am.” 😉

A teacher called me Vaidhegi. Oh and someone on the phone asked if I was “Baby?”

Here is a real kicker.

Only a few days back I was at the RTO office to get my LLR. As I was at the waiting hall with a few others, this man walked in swiftly with a bunch of papers, started reading out names and distributing the papers to the waiting crowd. He read..”Muthukumar..”Krishnamoorthy” and so on – and suddenly stopped reading and went back inside. (Yes, no points for guessing it right. It was my LLR.)

Usually when people spot my name, they pronounce it wrong. They get it right on the third try.  But this man took it to the next level – of not calling it out at all! He just left the place. 

Have you had any similar experiences with your name? Or has it happened to someone you know? Do share it here in the comments section. Should make for a nice read 😉

P.S: Will soon include a pronunciation guide for my name


7 thoughts on “What’s your name again?

  1. Sabitha Karuppiah says:

    Ha ha.. You left out Bhargavi.. Vug Devi… oh our favorite.. ‘Vaathu’ 😀


  2. vinayak says:

    in my experiance no new faces called my name correctly…
    vinayaga, vinayagam, even vignesh and sometimes they have called me enayak …:P



  3. Shyama says:

    Btw, I came across this site recently. Wanna take the survery 😛 ?


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