Hooked to books, are you?

Well, I am.

What with today being Vijayadasami, let me share a simple post that is dedicated to the habit of reading. Like they say, some people need something to read. And others need to read something. I belong to the latter category. If you are with me, you might enjoy this post. So read along 🙂

Looking back, I realize I have had more books for company than I have had friends! About 6-8 years back, we still were not so addicted to computers, no facebook etc. Holidays in school usually meant a trip to the library and coming back home with a stack of books (of course, fiction). The mere thought of a lazy Sunday, when you are glued to the bed with a sheet pulled up till your nose, reading a novel, turning the pages, not knowing the hours that have passed – oh if you haven’t had this experience, you have missed something.

Reading, in my case, kind of began with Tinkle Digest. Suppandi, Kalia the Crow, Tantri the Mantri, and other characters were part of our lives once. Then came along Harry Potter. Need I mention how crazy it was! I was totally expecting “a letter from Hogwarts”. My friends and I actually analyzed the “facts” in the books, tried to predict how the series would end and repeated dialogues from the movies! It caught on so much. I still watch the films. Most of our childhood and teenage was spent with Harry, Ron and Hermione.* Besides Harry Potter, there was Fear Street, Nightmare Hall and other teen-horror series by Christopher Pike. We just read books at random – Nancy Drew, Agatha Christie, The Three Investigators etc.

A little over 15 and then came the real novels: majority of them included books by Sidney Sheldon, Arthur Hailey, Jeffery Archer, Irving Wallace, Dan Brown. While Sidney Sheldon was all about romance and drama, Arthur Hailey was a storehouse of information. Each of his books is based on an industry – media, medicine, aviation, automobile, you name it. By the time you finish one of his books, you are informed enough to have an intelligent conversation with someone working in a given industry, about their job! It’s amazing. Jeffery Archer is great with court scenes, while Irving Wallace is known for his political thrillers (Try “The R Document”). Like these, you can cite so many examples. These books are perfect for the Sunday ritual I mentioned earlier 😉 Settle with them and you’ll not know morning, noon or night 😉

This was all just fiction. Just one tiny bit of the world of “reading”. Then you have magazines, newspapers, non-fiction, self-development books – the list is huge. I am yet to explore most of these areas. All I have talked about is fiction. Reading might at first seem like an “un-cool”, “boring” thing to do. When you hear people say that, you fully appreciate the saying, “Ignorance is bliss”. They don’t know what they are missing.

My Dad introduced my sister and me to books – and we cannot appreciate the deed enough. Just so you cultivate the habit, here is an idea. Not my idea. In fact it’s not new at all. It’s been around for ages. I am just reinforcing the message via this article. Try buying yourself a book on your birthday. Gift someone a good book on theirs. Be it any language. It’s something that will stay with you for years and if not now, some day you’ll appreciate it. Of course, only if you read it. Happy reading! And Happy Vijayadasami to all.

*Fondly remembering “reading days” in the apartment with Ranjani and Viju (friend and sister respectively)


18 thoughts on “Hooked to books, are you?

  1. Sabitha Karuppiah says:

    Good read! Minus Jeffrey Archer fan of all the other authors! And Vaag ‘crazy’ for Harry Potter is an understatement from you!!!


  2. Fond fond memories gushing out..!! Been there did the same..!! 🙂 🙂 Missing the apartment visits and HP mania..;) 🙂


  3. Cynthia Raghavan says:

    nice vaagy………. i m happy to read ur blog……….. its really nice and all that u have mentioned have happened in my life………… continue ur good work………. all the best………..


    • Vaagdevi Ravishankar says:

      Thanks Cynthia. I had exactly you in mind when I thought about “repeating dialogues” from the movie. Loved that period. Thanks for everything 🙂


  4. Ranjani says:

    a girl after my own heart!! miss those days de 😦


  5. umagowri says:

    Wow, totally true in my case, especially the harry potter part.


  6. Todreams says:

    Very nice! Books are indeed a woman’s ( a wink here) best friends! I am now taking the liberty of giving you a word of advice although u did not ask for it (forgive the audacity ;))……keep going with this blog. Never give it up. Your blog will be one place where you can express your opinions without giving a damn to what people think. Keep rocking! All the best, and Happy Vijayadashami to you too.


    • Vaagdevi Ravishankar says:

      Thank you so much 🙂 Yes that’s true. But may I know who Todreams is? Lol If I am supposed to know, I really don’t. I would like to though. Sorry!


  7. Viju says:

    Good one de.. totally agree with you!


  8. great going vaagdevi..all the best for your future endeavours!


  9. Radhika says:

    My favourite lines- These books are perfect for the Sunday ritual I mentioned earlier 😉 Settle with them and you’ll not know morning, noon or night 😉

    Loved em..Good read and swank looking blog 😉 keep writing..


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