What Batman made me realize

It’s been quite a while since I wrote something. You could say that I took a little vacation from blogging but right now I find myself getting back to the blog mainly as an attempt to escape boredom, overcome writers’ block and keep my sanity – after all, this is my “essential distraction”.

I spent some time wondering what to write about. I just had to write, I would have written about today’s lunch if nothing else, but as it turned out, I decided to write about Batman.

Those who know me well are perhaps wondering why I would write about Batman. A couple of weeks back I did not know Bruce’s last name. I was never into DC Comics, no Superhero movies, not the type that plays “cool” games. My most memorable video game ever, and most favorite, was Super Mario. (He rocks, by the way).

So why Batman, now, all of a sudden?
I simply wanted to check out the series to know what it had in it that earned the movie a huge following. Apart from Christian Bale, that is 😀

And recently, I did. Please note- this is not a judgement or a review of the movies. There are perhaps better people to do that. But this is more of an afterthought; a nice little takeaway for me from the movies. Something that I always knew, but realized with clarity, thanks to Batman acting as a catalyst.

Though I initially did not connect with the story the way I expected to, by the time I watched the third movie, I found myself smiling and cheering when the man returns. It might seem like something a child would do, but I think if you weren’t happy and you didn’t cheer for him right then, you were a terrible human being.

I say this not because of the great action sequences. Not because of the cool villains and weapons. Not because of some excellent dialogues and killer background score.

I say this because of how well a very simple, but obvious factor operates here– the role of a real hero. When trouble strikes, the hero saves the day. That is the crux of all super-hero movies, right? Take even the Hindu Mythology, for example. In The Mahabharatha, Lord Krishna says something like whenever Adharma prevails, He would manifest to save the world.

Yes, the heroes in these stories solve unrealistic problems – but that is the point. Even if there is an atom bomb out there that would blow up in five minutes, we want this poor guy to reassure us and appear at the right time to save our lives. And we all liked it, cheered when Batman saved the city, didn’t we?

Perhaps what this really goes to show is how much we would appreciate the idea of having someone like that in our own lives. No, not with a Batmobile and a Hovercraft. Perhaps someone who would listen to you with a pair of ready ears would do. He does not have to wear a super cool costume. If this person is able to reassure you that he/she will be there for you no matter what, is someone that you can turn to when it seems like the end of the world for you, he is your Batman.

That someone could be a friend, a parent, a sibling, your spouse, your mentor- anyone. Perhaps someone on whom we are all looking to place the unshakable faith that the people of Gotham seemed to place on Batman. We would so appreciate it as it makes us feel secure and happy. That, I think, is why our hearts sank when we thought Batman was going to die – and for the same reason we cheered when he reappeared.

For me, it is this little thought that seemed to stand out when I finished watching the series. Of course, I can see why as a movie, this draws people towards it. I don’t blame them, one bit, and that should be discussed on an entirely different post.

Thanks for reading. I would appreciate comments/thoughts you might want to share.


8 thoughts on “What Batman made me realize

  1. Radhika says:

    Loved it :). Your takeaway is nice and more importantly, the way you worded it was just fantastic. Good stuff!


  2. rajashree srinivasan says:

    Too gud vaag 🙂 the avatars may be different but nevertheless they are SUPERHEROS 🙂 🙂 🙂 loved it 🙂 made me nostalgic , those childhood days filled wit marvel comic’s ” He-Man, Batman, Superman, Spider man etc, not to forget out desi SHAKTHIMAAN “. Hehe, sounds like evry kid went through the same expectations for the superhero’s appearance in their lives… waiting for more from ya..
    kudos 🙂 🙂


  3. Vijaya lakshmi R says:

    Loved it loved it loved ittt… de u should write for papers. im serious, the quality of ur writing is somewhere there. u should seriously consider taking up that! im not messing with ur head.. just send this to hindu open page at least. please!


  4. Karthik says:

    DEEP!!! Great article Vaag!
    I had read your blog once a couple of years ago…and then I lost the link to it, and then never really got back! Glad that I found you again..and this time I have bookmarked this site! 🙂

    About the article itself, love your analysis of a superhero. It is true, superheroes are great, ad I still do get captivated by how “cool” batman / superman is. 🙂
    But once you look past that, there is a very fundamental and important point that all good superhero movies make – “A super hero is not super because of his super-powers”. This, to me is the lesson for all of us. You could have the greatest superpower in the world, and you could still be a nobody if you do not have the right attitude. Conversely, a person with the right attitude, and character could be a super hero, even without a cape or super strength.

    Good work, and keep writing!!



    • Vaagdevi Ravishankar says:

      I know, so right.
      I was never a fan of super-hero movies but I was very curious to find out what was great about Batman as a lot of my friends are huge fans. So finally watched Nolan’s a few months back.

      Thanks again for commenting. That’s very encouraging. 🙂


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