The Donut Wasn’t Mine

I am writing after long. It’s time again for “essential distractions” and I start with this poem. I haven’t written poems before, never knew I could, but well, you never know a lot of things. So here we go:


I found a sweet little child,
Crying for a DONUT
I had one I couldn’t hide,
But the donut wasn’t mine

I gave him just a small piece
He appeared mighty pleased
The big smile on his face put one on mine
But not as big, for the donut wasn’t mine

He asked for another, then another and another,
I kept feeding him, for why bother!
When it made us both happier
But I couldn’t forget, that the donut wasn’t mine

So I snatched the rest from him
And walked away knowing
That when I look behind me
I will find him weeping

Oh how I wish that the donut WAS mine


6 thoughts on “The Donut Wasn’t Mine

  1. Anita Kumar says:

    Hey I really really liked this poem. Such a good one! Stirred up lots of feelings. Please write more poems.


  2. Rashmi says:

    That’s a sweet one!! keep writing!


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