It wanders about

Like a feather in air

From here to there

Leading you nowhere

It plays lame tricks

Like the “rabbit and the hat”

Yet you fall for it

And watch, hardly batting an eyelid

It flips over and over

Like a coin tossed up in the air

Switching from Heads to Tails

Not settling on one, for God’s sake!

But wait! Sometimes it reassures you

Like a spell of rain after drought

You laugh at yourself, wondering

How on earth all this, you could have bought

Well. You have yours

And I have mine

It, my friend

Is the funny human mind

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6 thoughts on “It

  1. Anita Kumar says:

    ‘It’ is a nice one! Kept me guessing till the end.


  2. Rashmi says:

    Hey u are a natural.. good work.. keep going!


  3. I loved it di. Loved the usage of ‘it’, good work


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