Where are you?

Corners of my heart
That I never knew existed
Are being ripped apart
Where are you?

Memories haunt me
Night and day
My mistakes do too
By the way

I’ve been talking to walls
I am at the end of my rope
I’ve lost myself
And all hope

It’s been ages
Since the heart
Felt the smiles
That the lips now feign

Would this suffice
Or would you like
To see me in more distress
So you can show up,
My elusive “Mister Knight
In shining armour”?

What are you doing?
Where are you going?
Why aren’t you here now,
While I am in pain?

I cannot wait
For you to wipe my teary cheek
So shall we stop playing
Hide and Seek?

Throw my coffin open
Light up my heart
And you will mean
The world to me


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