She stood, alone and small, with the vast ocean at her feet. The gentle breeze teasing her hair was no match for the raging storm tearing at her heart.

A huge wave beckoned to her. She took a step toward it, arms open, as though to take back all the steps she wished she hadn’t taken.

She looked up at the stars sprinkled across the sky. A lone, familiar star seemed to smile down at her, as if in recognition. She smiled back. She would soon join the wise old star and gaze down at the ocean, too.

She inhaled sharply, hoping to trap, in one last breath, those beautiful words uttered by her beloved. She never found them again after they vanished in thin air.

She took that final step into the sea.

But stopped. For the waters that always took away her last grains of hope with the sand, now gave her something new instead.

She bent down. And picked up a beautiful white shell.

Tomorrow was another day.

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