About this blog

There is something about distractions: either you need a distraction in your life, or one from it.

This blog is honestly of the latter type.

I am Vaagdevi Ravishankar. I always wanted to start a blog and no better time than now, right at this point in my life. So here I am.

You are likely to find blog posts on various categories: as of now book reviews, movie reviews, and slice of life, music and current affairs.

I am a movie buff. I love old Tamil movies so don’t be surprised if most of my reviews revolve around Balachander, Sivaji Ganesan, Nagesh , Kamal Hassan and their period. Honestly, if you ask me, most films that come out these days are not half as good as those back then.  A decent script is a luxury. I am not saying everything is bad, but if 8 on 10 movies were good back then, today it’s hardly 4 or 5. Considering the kind of progress we have made in technology, one should be expecting much better work. But just because of weak scripts, we are getting worse. Please note: I am talking only about Tamil Cinema. There will be other movie reviews, but I guess only occasionally.

I am an avid reader, too. Of fiction. Like most kids my age I grew up with Harry Potter, half-expecting a letter from Hogwarts. 😉 No kidding! Then followed novels by Sidney Sheldon, Arthur Hailey, Jeffery Archer, Ayn Rand and so on. You are likely to find reviews of such books, too.

Apart from these reviews, which I think would form the major part of this blog, you are likely to find articles on music, everyday experiences and so on.

At the end of the day, this is essentially a “distraction” for me. A much needed one at that right now. If you like it, you can be a part of it.

Check it out now.


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