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A thousand splendid pieces

Blinded by love
And led by hope
Hurt by pride
And fooled, alright!

It trudges along
Day after day
But never learns
After a fall midway

With new empty hopes
And the same old pain
It breaks into a thousand splendid pieces
Over and over again

If you still wonder
What it could be
Count yourself lucky
For it’s the heart, silly!

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The Last Laugh

After dropping donuts & shedding tears
And escaping the bitter rut
Where I was prisoner for years
I am back here to wonder aloud
Why something that felt wonderfully right
Should prove, again, to be woefully wrong

The joy of a new life knows no bounds —
For the heart that soars above
Mutters a thousand “thank-you!”s
And the eyes that smile afresh
Hold myriad secrets

But how can this poor joyous soul say
When a painful, painful thud could be on its way
To put out the ray of hope
That finally shined through the door?

The Crazy Drama comes to an end
It’s time to go back to the Epic rut
Where I was minding my own job
And let Karma have the last laugh


It’s one of those endless nights

When the world around you disappears

Leaving you all alone

In a cruel desert

With Misery, for company.


The Devil beckons to you

Waving The Past as a clever bait

And you,

Being the fool that you are

Cheered by good old Misery

Run to get The Past

To hold it, to save it,

To treasure it,

Not knowing that it’s nothing

But Poison, in disguise.


The kind of poison

That doesn’t kill instantly

But sucks the soul out of you

Slowly, but surely.


What was once sweet

Now tastes bitter

What once felt safe

Is now scary

What was once beautiful

Is just unrecognizable


You crave life,

Peace and sleep.


But Oh dear heart

Did you forget

That you live in a desert

Which can only be wet

By the tears you shed?

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Not (meant) to be

I went back to wipe a little child’s tears
Tears that I thought I had caused
But in his place was a familiar stranger
Who gave me the tears instead.

Tears that lasted a year
And shook my very core
Blinding me more and more
That I shut Life’s doors

So dizzy was I in a maze
That I fell hard and broke
Not just a leg and head
But every corner of my heart and soul

Now became the child that wept
While the familiar stranger, my savior,
Who helped me out of my maze
And up my weary feet

Oh yet, the tears don’t stop
For they know only too well
That the hand that helped in pain
Will certainly let go again

Dear God, if that Donut, after all
Was not meant to be
What made you wait in glee
Till I let it consume me?

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Have Mercy

Dear Night
I’ve heard that you bring darkness
But for me, you bring daggers
Would you have mercy?

Dear Time
I’ve heard that you cure
But to me, you seem to kill
Would you have mercy?

Dear Life
I’ve heard that you go on
But for me, you have stood still
Would you have mercy

Dear Love
I thought you made hearts stay
But you’ve taken my soul away
Will you not show mercy?

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NaLLendRandRe Yaamam (நள்ளென்றன்றே யாமம்) – A Translation

Inspired by a post by @kurunthokai on Twitter, I have translated a poem that I really liked when I read it. Part of the reason I did it is that I identify with that poem. A lot of us will, I guess.

It’s amazing how the emotions of people are the same regardless of the time in which they live in – love, anger, envy, anxiety, happiness. Someone, hundreds of years ago, felt the same things you and I feel today – it’s quite overwhelming. It’s also quite interesting to note that, when each of us goes through an emotional struggle, we feel that we are the only ones to suffer such a pain- the fact of the matter is, we are not alone. To each of us, our struggles seem so huge to us, that we assume that everyone else is doing just fine and they have no idea.

In short, to say it in Twitter lingo, #ThatThatManThatThatTrouble.:D

But that is what this poem brings out. It beautifully brings out the emotional struggle that a woman goes through when she is away from her beloved in a simple yet honest manner.

Needlesss to say, it’s even more beautiful and convincing when read in iniya thamizh.

Here is the poem:

நள்ளென்றன்றே யாமம் சொல் அவிந்(து)
இனிது அடங்கினரே மாக்கள் முனிவு இன்று
நனந்தலை உலகமும் துஞ்சும்
ஓர் யான் மன்ற துஞ்சாதேனே

எழுதியவர் – பதுமனார்
திணை – நெய்தல் திணை

Here is Kurunthogai’s excellent illustration on it:

Inspired from this, I have attempted to translate it too. Though it’s not an exact language translation and it’s near impossible to do justice to the original, I have tried. Do feel free to read and share your thoughts.


Oh, the dark, dense night is here!
And with it comes a quiet,
That envelopes the air
As daylight clears

The day is at its close
With its every sound dead,
For every living soul
Has retired peacefully to bed

The whole wide world
Is blissfully asleep
Free from the wretched claws
Of bitterness and envy

Alas, but here I am
The only Cursed One, I think –
For I am just unable
To even sleep a wink.

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கேளாய் பெண்ணே!

உன் உள்ளத்தைப் பற்றிக்கொண்டு
முகத்தில் நீ அணிய புன்-நகையும் தந்து
பற்றிய கையை விட்டு விலகி
உன்னை பிரிவதற்காகவே பிறவி எடுத்த
இந்த ஏழைக் காதலனின் மனதைக் கேளாய்!

என்னைப் பிரிந்து வாடி நீ படும் பாட்டை
நான் அறியேன் என்று நினைத்தாயோ?
உன் மனதைப் பாலைவனமாக்கிய
பாவியை மன்னிப்பாயோ?

உன் ஆனந்தக் கனவுகளுக்குப் பாத்திரமானவன்
உன் கண்ணீர் வெள்ளத்திற்குக் காரணம் ஆனேன்
என்று எண்ணும் ஒவ்வொறு கணமும்
நரகத்தில் நான் கழிக்கும் யுகமாகத் தோன்றுதம்மா!

உன் கண்ணீரைத் துடைக்க இயலவில்லை
உன் கோபத்தைத் தணிக்க வழியொன்றில்லை
மீண்டும் கண்டு காதலித்து உன்னை மணக்க- மறு
பிறவியும் என்னிடம் இல்லை!

எனினும் ஒரு சொல் கேளாய்!
நான் உன்னிடம் கொண்ட காதலைப் பொய்யெனக் கொள்வது
பக்ஷிகள் இசையிடம் கொண்ட காதலையும்
மழைநீர் மண்ணிடம் கொண்ட காதலையும்
ஆகாயம் நிலவிடம் கொண்ட காதலையும்
பொய்யெனக் கொள்வதாகும்.

என் மனதை ஆளும் என் செல்வமே!
அலைபாயும் மனதில் அமைதி காண்
என் மனம் என்றும் உனக்கு சமர்ப்பணம்!


நிறைவேறாத காதலை எண்ணி தன்னைப் பிரிந்து வாடும் தன் காதலிக்கு காதலன் கூறும் கூற்றாய் கற்பனை செய்து தமிழில் எழுத முயற்சித்த முதல் கவிதை. பிழைகள் இருந்தால் மன்னிக்கவும். பிடித்திருந்தால் ரசிக்கவும் 🙂

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The Big Joke

Who else but she
Who cries herself to sleep
Knows the meaning of joy

Who else but she
Who fights battles in her head
Knows the relief of peace

Who else but she
Who let herself be fooled
Knows the pain of the truth

Who else but she
Who has been cast away forever
Knows the need for love

Who else but she
Who has killed her own heart
Knows the power of hope

Who else but she
Who fell for an illusion
Knows the big joke called Life


Why didn’t you know?

Didn’t the night always know
That the Sun would be back
To give it the light
It was meant to have?

Didn’t the earth always know
That the rain would be back
To quench its thirst
After a spell of drought?

Didn’t the rock always know
That the tide would be back
To embrace it again
Despite kissing it Goodbye?

Then I wonder why you didn’t know
What the night knew
What the earth knew
What the rock knew
And what I knew


Where are you?

Corners of my heart
That I never knew existed
Are being ripped apart
Where are you?

Memories haunt me
Night and day
My mistakes do too
By the way

I’ve been talking to walls
I am at the end of my rope
I’ve lost myself
And all hope

It’s been ages
Since the heart
Felt the smiles
That the lips now feign

Would this suffice
Or would you like
To see me in more distress
So you can show up,
My elusive “Mister Knight
In shining armour”?

What are you doing?
Where are you going?
Why aren’t you here now,
While I am in pain?

I cannot wait
For you to wipe my teary cheek
So shall we stop playing
Hide and Seek?

Throw my coffin open
Light up my heart
And you will mean
The world to me