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Not (meant) to be

I went back to wipe a little child’s tears
Tears that I thought I had caused
But in his place was a familiar stranger
Who gave me the tears instead.

Tears that lasted a year
And shook my very core
Blinding me more and more
That I shut Life’s doors

So dizzy was I in a maze
That I fell hard and broke
Not just a leg and head
But every corner of my heart and soul

Now became the child that wept
While the familiar stranger, my savior,
Who helped me out of my maze
And up my weary feet

Oh yet, the tears don’t stop
For they know only too well
That the hand that helped in pain
Will certainly let go again

Dear God, if that Donut, after all
Was not meant to be
What made you wait in glee
Till I let it consume me?

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Maybe Destiny is for Real

I’ll keep this short.

This evening, I had a vegetable puff and a milkshake at a bakery near my workplace. It cost 32 rupees; well as it happens sometimes, I did not have enough change, nor did the seller. I was short of a rupee and we both agreed that we’ll make adjustments the next time* I go there.

(*) – Euphemism for “Let’s forget about this change, shall we?” 

Well, I do actually frequent that place, so I thought I’d really make up for it the next time I go there. Thinking thus I went next to the MTS recharge place where I had to top-up my Data card for the month. It costs Rs. 399/- per month. I handed the sales person 400 bucks and boom! He said to me, what I had said 10 minutes earlier to the bakery guy: “I don’t have one rupee. Let’s make adjustments the next time you come”. I couldn’t argue.

Now this may not be anything out of the ordinary or perhaps it happens once too often to some. Now that I write about it, I recall another similar incident that happened a long time ago. If you think this post is a rant about money, you are missing the point.

What I want to convey is, I realised that these sort of incidents prove this saying right: “There is no free lunch”. There is a price tag attached to everything in life. I did not enjoy the veg puff and the milkshake at one rupee less; I paid for it by not receiving my one rupee at the MTS data recharge place. Like my brother once mentioned, if you have had a free meal today, someone paid for it somewhere; you just don’t know.  Also, this is not just in terms of money; this perhaps holds good for actions, which some perhaps call “karma”. I think that conveys enough, so I’ll stop here.

This also set me thinking about destiny. Everything happens for a reason.

Now this is one of those sayings that need to be rewritten:

“Everything, which happens beyond your control, happens for a reason”.

If you make something happen (or not happen) out of your own shortcomings or mistakes, then you cannot put the blame on destiny. Here you are at fault. I have experienced this, too; I have screwed up due to my own mistakes, but that is for later. Point is, when some things happen that are beyond your powers to control, perhaps destiny has a way to take care of them.

Like how my one rupee took care of itself.

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