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NaLLendRandRe Yaamam (நள்ளென்றன்றே யாமம்) – A Translation

Inspired by a post by @kurunthokai on Twitter, I have translated a poem that I really liked when I read it. Part of the reason I did it is that I identify with that poem. A lot of us will, I guess.

It’s amazing how the emotions of people are the same regardless of the time in which they live in – love, anger, envy, anxiety, happiness. Someone, hundreds of years ago, felt the same things you and I feel today – it’s quite overwhelming. It’s also quite interesting to note that, when each of us goes through an emotional struggle, we feel that we are the only ones to suffer such a pain- the fact of the matter is, we are not alone. To each of us, our struggles seem so huge to us, that we assume that everyone else is doing just fine and they have no idea.

In short, to say it in Twitter lingo, #ThatThatManThatThatTrouble.:D

But that is what this poem brings out. It beautifully brings out the emotional struggle that a woman goes through when she is away from her beloved in a simple yet honest manner.

Needlesss to say, it’s even more beautiful and convincing when read in iniya thamizh.

Here is the poem:

நள்ளென்றன்றே யாமம் சொல் அவிந்(து)
இனிது அடங்கினரே மாக்கள் முனிவு இன்று
நனந்தலை உலகமும் துஞ்சும்
ஓர் யான் மன்ற துஞ்சாதேனே

எழுதியவர் – பதுமனார்
திணை – நெய்தல் திணை

Here is Kurunthogai’s excellent illustration on it:

Inspired from this, I have attempted to translate it too. Though it’s not an exact language translation and it’s near impossible to do justice to the original, I have tried. Do feel free to read and share your thoughts.


Oh, the dark, dense night is here!
And with it comes a quiet,
That envelopes the air
As daylight clears

The day is at its close
With its every sound dead,
For every living soul
Has retired peacefully to bed

The whole wide world
Is blissfully asleep
Free from the wretched claws
Of bitterness and envy

Alas, but here I am
The only Cursed One, I think –
For I am just unable
To even sleep a wink.

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